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Technical Expert


Jean-Pierre Heymans is a graduate of UCL and a legal expert (in computer science specializing in personal data protection, Information security and cybercrime.)

Identification number EXP2018610 with the register of legal expert.

We offer our services in both criminal and civil expertise.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer as a technical expert:

Enterprise IT systems.

Computer networks.

Internet and telecommunications, and satellite communication.

Development and integration of custom software, software and applications.

Personal data disputes (Law of July 30, 2018)

IT and telecommunications security.

Internet telephony (VoIP, VoIP, IoT, IP telephony).

IT aspects related to Patents, Patents, Counterfeiting, Licenses and copyrights in general.

Computer data entry.

Integrity of information.

Recovery of deleted data.

Forensics analysis of mobile phones, including smartphones (IOS, Andriod, Symbian, etc.)

Digital data collection.

Data acquisition, hard drive copying and analysis, we use Logicube certified Forensics Falcon model hardware.

Cybercrime type:

  • Cyber ​​harassment, revenge porn
  • Computer sabotage
  • Malware
  • Hacking

We apply and follow the follow standard ISO27001 / NIST / RGPD

expert judiciaire

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