cyber-security services for businesses

Cyber Forensics is a private detective agency specializing in computer forensics and for its cyber-forensics services for businesses.

We offer a multitide services for both individuals and businesses.

If you want to analyze the contents of a computer, tablet, effectively protect your network, set up a computer standby, Cyber Forensics can help you.

Records constitution – Evidence research

You will find below a non-exhaustive overview of the services that we may offer in matters of cyber-forensics services for businesses:

•    Phone and Computer Forensics
•    Computer hacking forensics
•    Network forensics and log analysis
•    Server forensics and data recovery
•    Litigation support & Expert Witness Services

Cyber Information services :

  • Anti Cyber Espionage
  • Copyright, common law.
  • Counterfeit software (The software counterfeiting is defined as the installation and use of all or part of unlicensed software and therefore without autirisation)
  • Cyber-vandalism
  • Phishing email.
  • Theft of personal data.
  • Cyber ??blackmail.
  • Mobile Digital Investigation, smartphones and tablets (andriod / iOS / Blackberry,iphone, etc …)

Other services:


For more information about our cyber-forensics services for businesses or to request a quote, please contact us.