cyber-forensics sécurité informatique

Cyber Forensics can simplify this monitoring process through our Brand and Reputation Monitoring Services and provide you critical alerts when something goes wrong.

Want to know if competitors, employees or activists attacked your brand?

In today’s economy, online reputation and brand for business are essential to their marketing and sales efforts, and their bottom line.

The online reputation of businesses has become one of its most valuable assets, more and more customers are and online searches. Customers assess companies such as customer service, pricing, reputation, and in many cases their position on social values and national issues.

Some of the brand and reputation problems that we are working on to monitor and solve for our customers include:

  • Brandjacking
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybersquatting (when someone pays for a name as an internet address, so that they can later sell it for a high price to the person or organization with that name)
  • eCommerce Content
  • False Association
  • Gray market sales
  • Offensive content or harmul
  • Phishing (when someone attempts to trick someone into giving information over the internet or by email that would allow to take money from them)
  • Software piracy
  • SEO Handling
  • Trademark Abuse
  • Traffic Interception
  • Typosquatting
  • Paid Ad Traffic Diversion brands
  • Paid advertisement Nefarious Traffic Diversion

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