cyber crime investigation

We offer a multitide services for both individuals and businesses in the field of cyber crime investigation.

If you wish to scan the contents of a computer, tablet, effectively protect your network, set up a computer eve, Cyber Forensics can help.

Services for individuals & companies in cyber crime investigation:

  • Cyber harassing (Cyber-harassment designates all forms of harassment that use information and communications technology such as the Internet).
  • Internet fraud.
  • Internet identity theft (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) & outside.
  • Blackmail on the Internet (a well-known example being the blackmail webcam)
  • Investigate defamatory articles posted on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Identify the origin of an intrusion on a computer: detection and removal of spyware (keyloggers) that record keystrokes (email, discussions, user names, passwords, bank data) and transmit the data contained a computer to a third party.
  • Identify the author of defamatory or disparaging the Internet or e-mail: collection of evidence, bailiff, preparation of the complaint to the President of the Court of entry for scheduling the withdrawal of the remarks and the allocation of compensation.
  • Deleted data recovery accidentally or not, lost or stolen: password, files, database etc.
  • Audit and information security: penetration testing, comprehensive analysis of the security system (access codes, cameras, alarms, human factor), ADSL and WiFi security. Warning ! IP spoofing to commit an attack is increasingly common. Now screw the law Screw you are responsible for all actions performed on your computer, IP address range.
  • Mobile & Smartphone forensics analysis (Android/ iOS)
  • Recovery of lost data iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone
  • Other cases

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