We offer our technical expertise services both in terms of civil or criminal matters.

Court expert in computer science specializing in protection of personal data, Security Information and cybercrime, Jean-Pierre Heymans graduated from UCL in forensics.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of services we offer in terms of technical expertise:

  • Enterprise IT systems.
  • Computer networks.
  • Internet and telecommunications and satellite communications.
  • Developments and software integration, software and custom applications.
  • Disputes concerning personal data (Law of 8 December 1992).
  • IT security and telecommunications Matera.
  • Internet telephony (Voice over IP, VoIP, IP Telephony).
  • IT aspects of Patents, Patents, counterfeiting, and copyright licensing in general.
  • Entering computer data.
  • Integrity of information.
  • Recovery of deleted data
  • Forensic analysis of mobile phones, including smartphones (iOS, Android, Symbian, etc.)
  • Collection of digital data.
  • Data acquisition, hard drive copy and its analysis, for which we use certified equipment such as Logicube Forensics model Falcon.

judicial expertise


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